App(s) for Windows You Probably Never Heard Of

By | March 2, 2017

Over the years, I have found many apps that have helped me do a variety of things. Many of them, surprisingly, are free or close to it. I will update this article as find more. Have an app recommendation? Let me know in the comments below.

Advanced Renamer
Price: Free!

As the name states, this app an advanced file renamer program that batch renames files. If you have many files that you’d like to be renamed, this program can do it quickly and easily. It works great for your photos, music, TV shows, movies and more.

This app is called Advanced Renamer

PhotoMove 2.5
Price: Free/Pro for $9

Do you take a lot of photos with your camera or phone? If you’re like me, you wait months before you offload your memory card. By the time I’m ready to offload my memory card, I end up with hundreds of photos.

What makes this app special is it reads the date that you took the photo(s) from the Exif data and automatically sorts them all into their own folder, by date. For example, all the photos you took in June 15th of 2016, will put them into a folder named, “2017_06_15”. That is exactly how I liked to sort my photos before I found this program, but now I don’t have to manually look at the photos, add a folder and move the photos into that folder.

Most of the features that I like can be done for free. But I like to support the developers for creating great software and saving me time. To me, $9 is a fair price to help the development of the software.

This app is called PhotoMove

Price: Free!

I’m still old school and like to have my own music collection, now in FLAC. As much as I like Google Play Music, I still like the sound quality of my FLAC collection. MP3tag allows you to quickly edit and sort your music’s ID3 tags, file names and folders. As long as I have a music collection, I’ll always use MP3tag.

This app is called MP3tag

Price: Free!

Is your hard drive on your computer getting full? If you’re like me, you have no idea what it is that’s take up all your hard drive space. With WinDirStat, it’ll scan your hard drive(s) and visually show you what is taking up all your hard drive space. Very convenient! It allows you to backup or delete the files that is taking up most of your hard drive space.

This app is called WinDirStat

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