Software Recommends: Advanced Renamer

Price: Free!

I am so glad that I have found Advanced Renamer, and it’s free! It has saved me a lot of time renaming my files.

There were many times that I’d like to rename a bunch of files on my laptop, whether it’s to rename files to make it web safe (as I am a Web Developer) or to rename my music files, or to rename TV shows. Yeah, if you have a whole season of a TV show (I should say that you have acquired legally, for example your own DVD/Blu-Ray collection, for your Kodi box), you can search and import the show names automatically and have Advanced Renamer rename the files however you would like.

But not just for TV shows, advanced renamer also works great for your photos, music and more. For music files (MP3, FLAC, OGG (Vorbis), AAC and many more), I’d also like to recommend another free tag editor called MP3tag. You can see my review about it here.