Software Recommends: PhotoMove

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Price: Free/Pro for $9

Do you take a lot of photos with your camera or phone? If you’re like me, you wait months before you offload your memory card. By the time I’m ready to offload my memory card, I end up with hundreds of photos.

What makes this app special is it reads the date that you took the photo(s) from the Exif data and automatically sorts them all into their own folder, by date. For example, all the photos you took in June 15th of 2016, will put them into a folder named, “2017_06_15”. That is exactly how I liked to sort my photos before I found this program, but now I don’t have to manually look at the photos, add a folder and move the photos into that folder.

Most of the features that I like can be done for free. But I like to support the developers for creating great software and saving me time. To me, $9 is a fair price to help the development of the software.