Finally, a Great Alternative to Adobe Photoshop Without a Subscription.

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Don’t like how Adobe switched to a subscription plan completely discontinuing the option to buy outright? Me also! Now there is a decent alternative to Photoshop that doesn’t require a subscription. That software is called Affinity Photo.


The great thing about Affinity Photo is that it only costs $49.99. No subscription required. You’re getting most of Photoshop’s features for a fraction of the price. They even periodically offer discounts, I’ve seen it go for as low as $39.99, which is what I paid for it.

Ease of Use

If you’re a senior Photoshop user, Affinity Photo should feel fairly comfortable getting used to. From the layout and even using many of the same keyboard shortcuts from Photoshop. I even like that they have the option zoom with your mouse wheel, which is feature I used a lot (ever since Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro).


One of the key features that I like in a photo editor (or any program) is quick loading times. Affinity Photo also uses all your CPU’s and GPU, which helps with it making feel snappy after you start using it. It’s one of the few programs to use both CPU and GPU.

Overall Review

I really like Affinity and I want to use it as my main photo editor. One area that I can’t seem to get to quite work as good as Photoshop is the Refine tool. One of the features I like using in both Affinity Photo and Photoshop is the Refine tool. Photoshop seems to yield the best results of any photo editor, that I’ve used so far and, unfortunately, that includes Affinity Photo. Though it does a pretty good job though. If they do improve upon this, I believe I can start using it full time.

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